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The retail shop is now closed.

Please visit us online at www.shopquiltology.com where our sale continues!

50% odd all batik & marble fabric!

60% off Blue Underground patterns!

Who could forget those amazing prints from Amy Butler’s Belle collection in shades of brilliant turquoise, orange, olive and brown we used in the oh-so-spectacular Stack-n-Whack quilt? 

Well, they’re back…and so are kits for the Mardi Gras quilt!

Quiltology kits, patterns books and ready made baby quilts are available in our space at the Galleria in Evanston (located downtown at 1627 Sherman--just south of Church street.)

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...go big or go home!

There’s a really cool event happening this weekend in Glasgow Scotland—the Hampton Quilt Challenge’s “Stitching the Pitch.” 

Here’s the plan—weather permitting—on Saturday June 8th hundreds of volunteers (including me) will lay over 5,000 quilts on Glasgow’s national football stadium field.  How cool is this!

This event was inspired by the ‘Yes we can – together’ project, spearheaded by Scottish quilter Ann Hill and supported by NHS Dumfries & Galloway, the Scottish Football Museum and Alzheimer Scotland.

The quilts themselves are being sold online with proceeds going to the Alzheimer Association.

Want to buy a quilt—or make a contribution?

View quilts online at the Hampton quilt gallery—suggested prices are $30 (lap) $60 (single) and $120 (double.)  

I hope to post some cool pictures next week after I return. 

Stay tuned!

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Quiltology @ The Galleria in Evanston!

The folks behind the successful Andersonville Galleria have opened a second location in the middle of downtown Evanston.   The Galleria in Evanston is located at 1627 N Sherman in the old Hanig shoe store space (that’s just south of Church Street.)

Gotta say, I love the business model behind the Galleria.  It’s a retail home and business incubator for 40 local artists and entrepreneaurs that come together under one roof to share expenses and promote each other’s businesses.

Get your gift on—and support local artists!

The Galleria in Evanston showcases art and gifts with products that include handmade jewelry, apparel, hats & scarves, handbags, bath and body, home accessories, candles, gourmet food & treats, prints, paintings, photography—and  more!

Stop by soon and check out our Quiltology space where we sell our handmade baby quilts, kits, patterns and precut fabrics!

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...making memories!

I just love it when I get pictures of projects inspired by my quilts! 

A few weeks back Liz was in town visiting her daughter and dropped by to share an amazing story with me.  After her sister passed away she wanted to make each of her four nieces a quilt from their mom’s clothes. 

“I had agonized over what to do for a full year, until seeing your quilt at the shop. Even so, I still didn’t have had any idea how to go about it, but then I discovered your blog with a picture of the quilt, along with a wonderful explanation of the entire process.  THANK you!!...Liz” 

Last fall Liz saw the quilt I made for my sister out of our dad’s ties, and she must have been inspired because she returned home to sew up a storm for Christmas making the 4 quilts in just 2 months!  How's that for a dedicated quilter and a really special aunt? 

Liz said that when the girls opened their quilts, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  Oh my, this gives me the goosies.

Thanks for sharing…

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...and now for a little improvisational quilting!

Quiltologist Diane has a really nice husband.  Last year he gave her the gift of quilting by signing her up for an improv quilting workshop with Denyse Schmidt

If there’s one word to describe “Improvisational Quilting” it would have to be “PLAY.” 

The idea is to let loose, follow your gut instincts and “go for it” in order to create complex graphic designs.

Denyse encourages students to randomly pull strips of fabrics from a bag and then working with a design wall, place them in a pleasing and wonky manner.  

Diane, an avid fan of the excel spreadsheet, says the improv process was totallly liberating so she named her quilt according...

...Liberated Towers


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