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Quiltology—The Urban Quilt Space has now morphed into my own design studio dedicated to creating custom memory quilts from clothes and sentimental fabrics.  And the best part of all this change is that I get to return to my roots—making quilts and noodling around with fabric!

A memory quilt is like a metaphor to me.  I take something like old clothes—things that once meant something special to someone—and then I repurpose them into something that’s both new and different, yet evocative of the old—a representation of a time, person, place, feeling or event.  Memorable, yes.  Meaningful, absolutely.  Special, always. 

Perhaps you saved your father’s ties or your son’s collection of t-shirts from all those teams he played on over the years.  Or maybe it’s the stash of old aprons your sister found in your grandmother’s attic.  She texted and asked if you wanted them and of course, yes, but now what?  Oh and what about all those cute little outfits your baby has outgrown?  You know, the little polka dot dress she wore once, the pink overalls she learned to walk in or even the soft blanket you gently wrapped her in when you brought her home from the hospital.

If you're interested in discussing a custom quilting project,  email me and we can set up a time to talk.  



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